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Elliot Minor reaped the rewards that their fiercely devoted hard work,
infectious song writing and natural musicianship deserved when they
infiltrated the mainstream with five Top 20 singles and their eponymously
titled Top 10 album. Now working on material for their eagerly anticipated
second album, 2009 will be the year that they become a household name.

Renowned for their explosive live performances on the underground circuit,
it was the rapturous reception to their gigs that first drew the attention of
Warner Bros. Records with whom the band inked a deal in conjunction with
Repossession Records.

“We’d spent so long honing our craft, developing our song writing and
travelling around the country carrying our gear in the back of our cars
doing gigs,” recalls vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter Alex Davies.
“Signing that deal affirmed that our self-belief was justified and that the
sacrifices we’d made would pay off.”

From that point on, Elliot Minor’s career ascended at a frenetic pace. Their
self-titled debut album hit #6 in the charts as the third highest new entry
of the week and a succession of singles including ‘Parallel Worlds’, ‘Jessica’
and ‘Still Figuring It Out’ – all mainstays on the music video channels –
launched themselves into the upper reaches of the charts. The band’s wide
appeal was reflected in their press coverage, with everyone from rock bible
Kerrang! to Top of the Pops hailing the Elliot Minor sound.

“Obviously we really enjoy being in the charts and we really appreciate that
our fans make the effort to buy our records,” says the ever-affable Davies.
“But we’re a live band, that’s what we’ll be remembered for and that’s where
we’ve come from. Plus delivering a killer live show is the best way to repay
our fans’ commitment.”

That killer live show has seen the band travel what seems like an infinite
amount of miles en route to the next show, the next festival, the next
audience that’s going to erupt into a euphoria of slamming mosh pits and
impassioned singalongs. Every Elliot Minor headline tour has seen the
venues become that little bit bigger and the audience that bit more
frenzied. That reaction was transferred as the band became a mainstay
of the festival circuit, playing at everything from Download, T in the Park,
Reading / Leeds, Oxegen and Wakestock, as well as with support gigs
with Fallout Boy and Simple Plan.

“It’s real honour to play these festivals as we’re usually sharing the bill
with some of the biggest bands around often some of the biggest bands
of all time,” enthuses Davies. “Festivals are a challenge as you’re not
necessarily playing to your own fans, but I’m proud to say that we’ve
won over the audience every time.”

Elliot Minor was formed by five school friends who share a passion for
music. The influence of the likes of Green Day, Blink 182 and NOFX is
prevalent in Elliot Minor’s rollicking melodies, infectious choruses and
soaring vocal harmonies, but the band’s sound stretches far beyond the
simple pigeonholing of the pop-punk genre. A love of the likes of The Used,
Audioslave and Lostprophets adds elements of thunderous straight-up rock
and contemporary emo, but it’s the band’s musicianship that rises to the
fore as orchestration and string arrangements add a cinematic dimension
that differentiates them from the pack.

“Our songs are often based on the kind of harmonies you’d find in classical
music. I’d say that John Williams, James Horner and Eric Rigler are as
important influences as any rock band,” explains Davies. “When you
combine that with the power and aggression of a live band, it’s clear that
we offer something different.”

Currently recording with producer Jim Wirt (Something Corporate,
Incubus), Elliot Minor’s new material captures the magic of their
debut while also pushing their sound into bold new territory. The
album’s first single ‘Discover (Why The Love Hurts)’ is accompanied by an
exciting new video filmed over two nights on handheld cameras in the bright
lights and dark alleys of Tokyo.

“It was such great fun and a real buzz,” laughs Davies. “Being in such an
amazing place is always fascinating, but all the risks we were taking made
it an experience to remember. Luckily we just about avoided being arrested
or antagonizing the Yakuza!”

For now though, there’s a calm ahead of the storm that will be the return
of Elliot Minor.

“I can’t wait to get back on the road, playing to our fans and having a blast,”
concludes Davies . “It’s what I live for.”

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