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The hook-heavy rock band Buffalo Killers were in LA last month performing at the second annual Freaks For The Festival as well as appearing on shows up and down the California coast.
This Chicago pop/rock outfit has quickly built their impressive regional fanbase from the ground up, one-by-one, through great songs, tight energetic live performances, and a tireless work ethic.
Spending the holidays in the studio is nothing new for New Jersey/Philadelphia rockers DIVE. The winter of 2009, however, was different. Perhaps it was working with multi-platinum producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Live, No Doubt)...
The nineteen-year-old singer/songwriter shifted her focus from piano to guitar at the age of eight, and by twelve was composing her own songs.
Elliot Minor reaped the rewards that their fiercely devoted hard work, infectious song writing and natural musicianship deserved when they infiltrated the mainstream with five Top 20 singles and their eponymously titled Top 10 album.
Escape Directors are an indie-rock quartet from Bergen County, NJ. They came together in Winter 2010 when singer Steve Carter wanted to put together a band around his songs.
For The Foxes is a pop rock band based out of Barnegat, New Jersey. Music has been a huge influence in all of the members lives, and after playing in previous groups together, For The Foxes was formed.
Frequis is a five piece rock band from Phoenix, AZ. Their dark and sludgy sounds are reminiscent of grunge, metal and progressive rock. Frequis is defined by a powerful voice, a relentlessly driving rhythm section, dynamic guitar solos, and high octane live performances.
Gabriel The Marine is a violin-infused indie rock/pop quintet from Long Island, NY with a sound all their own. After two critically acclaimed self-released EPs, the band released a new EP in the Fall of 2012 on Sun Pedal...
Gavin Cushman III is an American rock musician, singer/songwriter, who is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and founder of Akron Ohio-based rock band Gavin the Third.
Giuliano is singer/songwriter from Beverly Hills. His writes/plays the guitar and piano parts in his songs. He also writes all the lyrics and sings lead vocals. His main influences are Sting, Radiohead, and Metallica.
Formerly known as the frontman for Something Corporate, a West Coast punk-pop quintet that garnered a modest following during the early 2000s, Andrew McMahon is also the piano-playing songwriter behind Jack's Mannequin..
I'm a part-time night-time reception worker, a member of a truly great contemporary a capella choir by the name of Sense Of Sound, and most importantly, a Pescatarian.
Jargon of the Future (pronounced YAR-gon) is simply 3 guys who want to rock, and write great music. Matt, Casey, and Justin have been writing and recording together for nearly 10 years. With Jargon as our guide, who knows what the future may hold? Give a listen.
John Neilsen
John Neilson is an Austin, TX based singer/songwriter. He is teaming up with Jim Wirt for the 3rd time to record his next record, featuring 11 new songs. The two recorded Neilson's last record, "Tomorrow Comes the Spring", last summer, at Crushtone Studios, and it was released on Lounge Side Records, based in ATX.
This 18 year old performer lights up the stage whether she is singing, dancing or acting. 
Lovebettie began as a songwriting duo of founding members Alexandra Naples and C.T. Fields. Influenced by everything from the grandeur of modern rock, to the swagger of 1920's Jazz, they created a powerful and compelling sound of pop and rock...
Jimi Haha stands 6 feet 9 inches (when on a 12 inch riser) He is a super model and fighter pilot who attended M.I.T., Harvard medical and law schools as well as Oxford (as far as Facebook is concerned). He is the singer, guitar player, songwriter and stunt man for the multi aluminum selling band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack.
With a rare aptitude for combining aspects of traditional hard rock with unique modern riffs and verse, Filament Records recording artist Modena offers a professional, yet edgy, sound to fans of modern rock music.
For Seattle's Moneta, the only constant has been the dedication and passion for the music. Since formation in late 2007, the band has weathered member changes, illness, personal struggles, record label shakeups, and finding a way to stay relevant...
Award winning, original, Los Angeles based, rock/alternative/funk band founded in 2008 by three time Emmy Award winner, and Best Frontman Award winner Brian Lanese.
Taking My Chances, due for release in November 2012 and full length debut self-release in March 2013, Skyway Avenue are working hard to show the world real pop-rock again; fun, catchy, and filled with attitude.
Seattle's Striking Back has teamed up with a powerhouse of production and is taking the music industry by storm. With the upcoming release of "The Restless EP" (with super-producer Jim Wirt at the helm)...
The year was 2008. At the ripe age of twenty, Chris was pursuing a college degree at Purdue University with hopes of finally entering the glamorous world of cubicles, hour-long commutes and water cooler gossip.
The Composure is punk rock and pop rolled into one Converse wearing package from Pittsburgh PA. With a full length (Strings Attached/2010/Mark McClusky) an EP (Stay The Course/2012/The Composure/Kory Gable) under their belts and a new release coming this Summer...
is gearing up for their latest EP release, on Arcatek/Crushtone Music ,entitled Prepare For Impact , which was produced and recorded by Jim Wirt (Hoobastank, Jacks Mannequin, Fiona Apple, Incubus, etc.)..
New York City's The Holiday Electric are fast becoming known for their flair to successfully intertwine both the subtle nuances and eccentric traits of such distinct voyages with their refreshing music.
The Morning Of released their first album, "The World As We Know It", on Tragic Hero Records/East West in Jan. of 2008. The band was in bliss to see their very first album debut at number 18 on the Billboard Heatseeker's Chart...
Since The Real You's conception in early 2007 they have not only toured relentlessly, but have also achieved many notable accomplishments...
Although he spent this time moving through different bands and musical ventures, the thoughts he wanted to convey didn't always match the music he was supposed to be playing. His voice was hidden.
If it sounds like The Sliders have known each other forever, it’s because they have. Eric, Bryan, Mike, and JD have been honing their talents together for years.
Jim Wirt is committed to doing the band's label debut release. Over 3,000 units sold in Utah and the surrounding states of their first album.

The Working Hour is an indie-pop band from Planet Earth that features Andy Riesmeyer, Peter Doherty, Ethan Walden and John Newell and plays music similar to artists like Weezer, Jack's Mannequin, Fun and Vampire Weekend.
VICTORI4 is a band formed in France in 2006 by four high school friends. Their music is a mixture of blends, including rock and cinematographic themes, making their style unique, delicate and powerful.
It looks like VOiD808 may finally just get the break they need. This Orange County based alternative rock band has surely paid their dues over the six years that they have been together...
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