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Not everyone chooses the same path. Some jaunts are exhilarating whirlwinds, filled with hot cars, frothy beers and hasty women while other expeditions are deliberate and inspiring, yet equally satisfying. New York City’s The Holiday Electric are fast becoming known for their flair to successfully intertwine both the subtle nuances and eccentric traits of such distinct voyages with their refreshing music. The collective’s unique talent consistently shines through at their aweinspiring
live performances and has reached new heights on their eclectic debut recorded with exceptional producer Jim Wirt.

The Holiday Electric is fronted by former Warner Brothers recording artist Chris Woods and was formed in the winter of 2009 with guitarist Don Henry and versatile keyboard player Mason Frazee as a way to energize tired listeners and reinvigorate them to be a fan of rock music again. To complete their vision, the band turned to outstanding drummer Jimmy Pemberton and vibrant bassist Dave Marvgulio, each established musicians in the Boston rock scene. Collectively,

The Holiday Electric forge together unique, memorable melodies and intricate layering, T.H.E. has sculpted an identifiable "wall of sound" that draws influences from rock, pop, and progressive music. This powerful outfit from Boston and New York City prides itself on an awe inspiring live performance, creating epic aural landscapes while maintaining its energetic stage show. The band's debut finds the collective collaborating to provide the listener with a cohesive and expressive piece of music.

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