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Hi. I'm Jay Norton - I like to make sweet, sweet music :-) I'm a part-time night-time reception worker, a member of a truly great contemporary a capella choir by the name of Sense Of Sound, and most importantly, a Pescatarian. I can't seem to shake off eating fish, so I’m not a full-on Veggie - though I'm a firm supporter of responsible fishing and taking care of our oceans. I come from Liverpool: a place that one and all associate with The Beatles - a shadow I'm sure a thousand singer/songwriters with a scouse accent would love to shake off. I suppose no one will ever be able to fill those boots.

One can try.

I'm not like the singers that have honed their art since they can remember. I was part of a church choir in primary school - ditched it because it was badly uncool as soon as I, well, was cool (at twelve!) and didn't sing for the best part of 5 years beyond writing a shit load of songs in the very private privacy of me mum's backroom. Then, I set myself free from the whip that was secondary school and went to a college (at seventeen) in the middle of nowhere; Widnes, a place in which no one knew me from the next Tom, Dick or Harry. It was there that my love affair really began.

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