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The Sliders

If it sounds like The Sliders have known each other forever, it’s because they have. Eric (vocals/piano/guitar), Bryan (guitar/vocals), Mike (bass), and JD (drums) have been honing their talents together for years. Since 2007 the guys have dedicated countless hours to jamming, writing, recording and performing throughout the New York music scene. Mike admits that when he bought his second bass he “even slept with it.”

The Sliders have evolved from emo-charged crowds with a blues-inspired pop rock sound that sets them apart from the masses of power chord bands. Though lacking black eyeliner, their sensitivity is in tact. In songs like “Way She Moves” and “Letting Go” strong vocals and harmonies display the band’s softer side. In the 11 tracks of their debut album, The Sliders meld an eclectic mix of rock, jazz, funk and blues and are influenced by current groups: Maroon 5, The Script, Parachute and The Fray as well as more classic acts like Paul Simon and the Beatles. “Chasing After You” is their memorable first single that is destined for Top 40 charts.

The Sliders’ image is clear and concise. All four Sliders don jeans and plaid with clean haircuts and big smiles. They’re suburban beach boys with a feel-good sound. Outwardly expressive and funny, The Sliders’ stage presence is captivating and exhilarating.

The Sliders are hungry for the masses. After the guys were recognized by the Break contest to score a spot at Bamboozle earlier this year, they drew a crowd of hundreds to the Meadowlands.

The Sliders are currently promoting the release of their debut album through radio interviews and college appearances. The Sliders have appeared on both 94.3 and Q104.3’s specialty show “Out of the Box.” They have also been sighted at campuses in the Northeast. The Sliders also have plans to perform at Bamboozle again in 2011 and tour throughout the summer.

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