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Mend The Hollow

Jimi Haha stands 6 feet 9 inches (when on a 12 inch riser)
He is a super model and fighter pilot who attended M.I.T., Harvard medical and law schools as well as Oxford (as far as Facebook is concerned). He is the singer, guitar player, songwriter and stunt man for the multi aluminum selling band Jimmie’s Chicken Shack.
He has played for kings, queens and felons across the globe. His “guitar licks” are known for being visually stunning and literally salivitory.  While not playing to tens of tens of insanely rabid fans Jimi is performs brain surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore Maryland just for fun. Jimi resides in his palatial 1000 square ft waterfront home in Annapolis Maryland where he likes to trap polar bears and wrestle alligators for fun. His 5 year old daughter is smarter than you and his professional “chicken necking” (that is what we call old school crabbing) wife can beat you at horse shoes. Jimi has been making and selling artwork and playing music since the late 80s.
Jimi is working on a solo record this year that will undoubtedly go tungsten overnight.

You can check out some of his artwork at and
You can check out the art magazine Jimi publishes at

As for Jimmie’s Chicken Shack, they are far too accomplished for a mere website but you can find them at a very exclusive and private page on Facebook at
as well as his wildly successful cult phenomenon side band of 12 years at

You must be a very special person to be receiving this information. I truly envy you.

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