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With a rare aptitude for combining aspects of traditional hard rock with unique modern riffs and verse, Filament Records recording artist Modena offers a professional, yet edgy, sound to fans of modern rock music. The December 2010 release of the EP Second time around is the band's first effort with indie label Filament records.

Award winning producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Live) recorded and produced the songs at Closer Look Studios, where the bands spend a week secluded with Wirt and his musical genius. The recording session was inspirational and they are making preparations to return to the studio to finish out a full length with Wirt next year.

With a complete lineup and an EP of original songs, MODENA stands poised at the forefront of a new generation of rock n roll bands, ready to return the Carolinas to its creative roots as a musical oasis and hurl rock back to the top of the artistic tier.

Currently the band is filling out their concert calender via C & A Media Group. They are planning a regional tour in support of their new EP. Modena is happy to do interviews with all forms of media. Please contact Kate Davenport of Static Management to set up an interview.

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