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Bachelor of Arts in Music Theory, and Bachelor in Music Education from 
Drury University, Springfield, Missouri.

Member of power pop/punk band FOOLS FACE.

TROUSER PRESS wrote about the band: 
"In its original skinny-tie incarnation, this raucous fivesome from Springfield, Missouri combined the rough-and-tumble appeal of an ace bar band with diverse pop songwriting talent. Everyone except the drummer Tommy Dwyer wrote and sang, Displaying the diverse influence of The Stones, The Beatles, soft pop, Little Richard, Led Zepplin and Bowie . . ."

1989 -- Opened FOURTH STREET RECORDING, in Santa Monica. Jim worked with several bands, earning 11 Gold and Platinum records, helping over 19 acts in achieving their goal of being signed to major labels.These performers include INCUBUS, HOOBASTANK, ALIEN ANT FARM, FIONA APPLE, and SOMETHING CORPORATE.

Jim left the studio business to pursue his dream of being a producer in 2000. In addition to the many no famous bands he helped get signed, jim worked with LIVE, producing their 2003 releasee BIRDS OF PRAY, and the 2004 release, AWAKE, THE BEST OF LIVE, as well as the 2006 release, SONGS FROM BLACK MOUNTAIN.

Jim has made a name for himself with those within the indie circuit. His work with Andrew McMahon in SOMETHING CORPORATE, and most recently, JACK'S MANNEQUINN. GLASS PASSENGER is their highly anticipated release scheduled for September 30, 2008 -- with its pre-sale stats, one of the most successful on record. On its first two weeks out of the gate, the single, RESOLUTION, has managed to hang onto the number one position on the BILLBOARD HOT SINGLES CHART. (thru 9/06/08)

Bands like THE ROCKET SUMMER, TREATY OF PARIS, and LETTER KILLS, have enjoyed success as well, with TREATY OF PARIS topping sales not only online, but in cross-marketing with retailers like HOLLISTER, who hold their market share and position in a highly competitive atmosphere.

Most currently, Jim has been working with one of the hottest bands to come out of the U.K. -- ELLIOT MINOR. Jim produced their LP, ELLIOT MINOR, and is working on three new singles that will be on their upcoming full-length CD. Recording is scheduled to begin in January 2009. 

With his extensive background in music, Jim has been not only a positive influence on the artist he works with, but a writer, bass and keyboard player, and background vocalist and player on many of his projects. His string arrangements have set his productions apart from so many others.   

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