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Jan 1, 2010: Striking Back and Award-Winning Producer Jim Wirt Finish Recording, "Restless" Single to Drop on January 5th. Seattle's Striking Back has teamed up with a powerhouse of production and is taking the music industry by storm. With the upcoming release of "The Restless EP" (with super-producer Jim Wirt at the helm), lead-singer Jordan Thompson celebrates a culmination of 10 years experience as a singer/songwriter, and presents his long-awaited solo debut under the name Striking Back. According to him, "the name represents my striking back at all the things that prevented me from writing the music I wanted, and sharing it with the world."

After touring and writing music for a decade, Jordan has learned exactly what makes him tick--"There's no better feeling than putting your heart out on your sleeve in front of thousands of people and having them connect with you"--and he's not going to stop there.

Taking early inspiration from greats like Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, and Nirvana, Jordan had his first break opening for Something Corporate in 2005 with his band Fighting For Nothing. "That was the first time I realized that I could really do it, when I met Andrew McMahon and hung out with those guys," says Jordan. Coincidentally, that was the first time that Jordan heard about legendary producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, Live, Jack's Mannequin)--who teamed up with arranger Patrick Warren (Rob Thomas, Kate Voegele, Bruce Springsteen, Avril Lavigne) to produce "The Restless EP."
The collaboration produced extraordinary results. "There is a passion in his voice that is unique and compelling," commented Wirt. "This is something that can only be achieved when your art speaks from your very soul." Songs like "Restless" and "Dark Day Afternoon" express a deep sentimental knowledge about living with the "distractions of our culture and society that prevent us from realizing ourselves."

The release of the EP's first single, "Restless" is just on the horizon, and Jordan will leave for an extended tour in June 2010. In the meantime Jordan waits in Seattle, preparing his band for a national tour that will further-solidify Striking Back's place in the pop/rock arena.

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