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Modena Releases Second Time Around EP
December 10, 2010

Have you ever wondered if a big name producer is really worth it? Have you ever
said ‘if a band is that good they don’t need a big name producer to sound good’?
Have you ever considered if it’s worth your life savings to have a ‘name’ on a recording?

All of these questions and more are answered by North Carolina’s rock band Modena
with their December 14th release of Second Time Around.

Listening to the Modena self titled demo you could hear heart, you could hear desire.
You could hear Potential. What you couldn’t hear is a radio hit.

Second Time Around EP was recorded this past summer at Closer Look Studios with famed
producer Jim Wirt, known for bands like Incubus, Hoobastank and Jack’s Mannequin,
as well as Live.

The EP is so solid, you could mix it into any FM rock station’s rotation without anyone
realizing they were hearing an indie label band.

The new version of the single Second Time Around, which the EP offers in a radio cut as
well, showcases the talent you could only hear in bits and pieces on the demo. All the parts
and players, previously disjointed, now come together as a cohesive and melodic, ready for
radio, hard rock song.

Hang It High maintains the grungier sound of the band’s beginnings, and perhaps future.
Nothing Modena was known for in the past is lost on what will presumably be their second
single. The powerful message Hang It High originally held perseveres, but is ultimately more
listener friendly by the new production values.

While the difference can partly be attributed to a quality studio with the well known, proven
producer that Wirt is, you can’t discount the development of the musicians involved. Demos
are something you do as a young band; an EP such as this one is intended to introduce
yourself to the world. While December 11th is billed as Modena’s CD Release party, in a
way it will be their coming out party, announcing that they are mature musicians with
something to offer the music industry that it can use.

Modena looks to release the title track Second Time Around on iTunes December 14th.
While recording with Wirt the band was approached and signed by indie label Filament
Records who will be distributing the album and working the band’s radio campaign.Second
Time Around can be heard and purchased as of 12/14 though, and
can be requested to your local FM and college radio stations.

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